Introducing the Essential Business series
of award-winning guides and workbooks

Everywhere you turn, it seems there’s someone telling you that it’s easy to start a business.

Well, easy it may be. But it’s not so easy to start up and run a business that will survive and make money year after year. And, if you don’t get it right, the results can be devastating. That's where Essential Business guides and workbooks come in…

Ten years of clarity and plain English

For over ten years, Essential Business has worked to clarify, simplify and improve the look, feel and presentation of business information. Our mission is simple: ditch (or explain) the jargon, write clearly, talk about the ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’, print in colour, and design the publications to be engaging to read, easy to handle and affordable to use.

In other words, we make it easier for small business owners to acquire the information and skills that they need to run a successful, thriving business.

Not everyone finds business easy or knows how to find customers, promote their product, or create a cash flow forecast. However, not knowing how to do these things can cause major difficulties for the business owner and the business. Essential Business publications make it easier for people to acquire that knowledge and to help them build their skills.

Our publications are used by thousands of people across the UK – by business advisers, by people teaching other people how to start and run their own business, by coaches and mentors, by individual business owners, and by people just starting out on their business journey.

The right information, presented differently

We have gained a reputation over many years for presenting complicated information in a user-friendly, readable and accessible way. Business information can be confusing and difficult to grasp and, in our guides, workbooks and radio interviews, we strive to explain, clarify and help you understand the key things every business owner needs to know.

Our first publication, developed in 2002, was The Essential Business Guide. It was born out of frustration at the poor readability and presentation of business books. Now in its fourth edition, and thousands of copies later, it is a valuable reference resource on the desk of many business advisers and business owners.

And we’ve won awards for it.

Over the years, our customers asked us for more. So, we went on to create a series of workbooks, written in that same clear style. Those workbooks have been used to train many new business owners over the past seven years, all across the UK.

And for those people with not enough time to study? We’ve created Essential Business Radio – plain talking, ‘how to’ information for experts and novices alike, to listen to when time allows.

The Essential Business series aims to help people start, run and survive in business.

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